Municipal Innovation
Project on Municipal Innovation

The Project on Municipal Innovation (PMI) is a unique initiative that enables the largest and most creative city halls from across the country to learn about and act on innovative and transformative policy ideas. The goal of PMI is to support the replication and adaptation of best practices in U.S. city government and to spur innovative policy ideas that move the needle for both residents and city government. In addition to providing the field with access to the latest information and best practices, the Project on Municipal Innovation provides city members with the opportunity to:

  • Access leading policy experts.
  • Participate in online policy forums with thought leaders and member cities.
  • Network with other city staff in U.S. cities to share best practices and lessons learned on financing, policy development and implementation, and strategic policy advancement.

The PMI Advisory Group
Each city that is invited to be a part of the PMI network designates one person, either the chief of staff or policy director, to be an active member of the Project on Municipal Innovation Advisory Group. The goals of the Advisory Group are to foster ongoing collaborative discussions to speed the adaptation and replication of innovative ideas and to identify and address critical questions related to pragmatic policy deployment. The Advisory Group members meet twice a year at Harvard Kennedy School of Government to participate in a three-day convening. The Advisory Group is convened by Professor Stephen Goldsmith, Director of Innovations in Government at the Ash Center, in partnership with Living Cities.

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See what our member cities are up to on Data-Smart City Solutions.

Contact Jessica Casey, Associate Director of the Project on Municipal Innovation for more information.

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