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The 21st Century Challenge: Delivering More with Less.

State and local governments in the United States face immense challenges in the 21st century. Revenues from sales, property, and income taxes are set to decline dramatically as the baby boomer generation enters retirement. This same trend demands that governments create more and increasingly complex public goods with markedly fewer resources.

For America’s cities, the challenges are particularly acute, as they face unprecedented budget deficits and the impending explosion of unfunded pension liabilities. At the same time, cities must repair crumbling infrastructure, fix troubled schools, and ensure public safety so that they remain a promising pathway to the middle class.

Urban Policy Advisory Group (UPAG)

Central to the Project on Municipal Innovation is the Urban Policy Advisory Group, a groundbreaking forum of 30 of America’s largest and most creative cities and urban counties. The Urban Policy Advisory Group provides its members with regular access to leading policy experts; ongoing collaborative discussions to speed the adaptation and replication of innovative ideas; and, a means to identify and solve critical questions related to pragmatic policy deployment. UPAG is convened by Professor Stephen Goldsmith, a former two-term mayor of Indianapolis and a highly regarded expert in urban innovation, with funding from Living Cities.

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Contact Jessica Casey, Associate Director of the Urban Policy Advisory Group at 617-495-7437, or by email at to learn more about the Project on Municipal Innovation and the Urban Policy Advisory Group.

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