Rajawali Fellows
Rajawali Fellows

About the Rajawali Fellows Program

[Please Note: We do not accept open applications at this time] The Rajawali Fellows Program allows visiting scholars and practitioners to engage in independent research projects pertaining to various Asian public policy issues and challenges. Rajawali Fellows have access to a wide range of academic resources at Harvard, including libraries, e-resources, course auditing (subject to instructor approval), research centers and scholars. Fellows will receive a certificate upon satisfactory completion of their program requirements at a Farewell Luncheon at the end of the academic year, but no degrees will be conferred. Fellows have access to working stations equipped with shared computers and printer that is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Fellows appointment begins in August and ends in June. Visiting Scholars/Practitioners participate in Monthly Research Seminars that feature guest speakers from within and outside of Harvard Kennedy School working on various public policy challenges in Asia. Pre-Doctoral Fellows participate in Weekly Workshops which allow them to present their academic works in progress, network with other Ph.D. students in the Boston area, and present their final presentations in public panels at the end of the academic year. In addition to academic pursuits, Rajawali Fellows are encouraged to explore the various cultural and historical activities available in the Boston area. The Ash Center hosts several events throughout the year for fellows including (but not limited to) Harvard Football game outing, apple picking, and Plimoth Plantation. Many of our fellows are also encouraged to interact with HKS degree-seeking students with overlapping research interests and professional backgrounds through the Research Pairs initiative.

Program Requirements

Fellows must:

  • Be fluent in both written and spoken English;
  • Be capable of independent research;
  • Attend the new fellows orientation in the beginning of the semester;
  • Participate in monthly research seminars (visiting scholars/practitioners) or weekly workshops (pre-doctoral fellows); and
  • Submit a final paper in order to qualify for the program completion certificate.

The Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia does not offer any financial support or stipend for individuals’ expenses, such as living costs, health insurance, travel expenses, and mandatory Fellows Program Fees. In the past, Fellows have funded their affiliation with grants from such sources as the Fulbright/IIE, China Scholarship Council, Ford Foundation and/or personal funds.


Applications to the Rajawali Fellows Program are by invitation only in research areas that are of relevance to the Ash Center. We do not accept open applications. If you have any questions regarding the Rajawali Fellows Program please email Ash_Fellowships@hks.harvard.edu .

Rajawali Fellows

Rajawali Fellows visit Plimoth Plantation