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Indianapolis Experience

This page includes a list of resources about Stephen Goldsmith’s tenure as mayor of Indianapolis.

Summary Presentation

Goldsmith, Stephen. Competitive Government: The Indianapolis Experience.

Case Studies

Chang, Hai-Chiao, Youhei Itou, Velika Kabakchieva, Lesia Lozowy, Ramon Munoz-Raskin, Rene Ramos, Mark Seaman, and Yasemin Tugce Turner. "Managed Competition in Indianapolis:The Case of Indianapolis Fleet Services." School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University (December 6, 2005)

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Books & Chapters

By Stephen Goldsmith
Introduction and Chapter One: "Managing City Finances: Doing More For Less." The Entrepreneurial City: A How-To-Handbook for Urban Innovators. Center for Civic Innovation at the Manhattan Institute. (1999) 1-15.

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About Stephen Goldsmith
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Journals & News Articles

By Stephen Goldsmith
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About Stephen Goldsmith
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