Rojas, Francisca

Francisca Rojas is the research director of the Transparency Policy Project. Her work examines the social and political implications of information and communications technologies in the context of urban governance, development, and planning. Current research investigates transparency initiatives in three areas: open data for transit systems, reporting mechanisms for federal stimulus spending, and the strategic use of ICTs by international NGOs. Previously, Rojas was as a researcher at MIT’s Senseable City Lab and participated in projects that employed digital data to reveal large-scale urban dynamics, including the New York Talk Exchange, featured at MoMA in 2008, and Real Time Rome, shown at the 2006 Venice Biennale. Her dissertation work expanded on the New York Talk Exchange project to further investigate how telecommunications mediate international migration. She has a Ph.D. in urban and regional planning from MIT, a master's degree in city planning also from MIT, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan.

Francisca Rojas

Francisca Rojas, Research Director, Transparency Policy Project