BU Professor Takes on Task of Enforcing US Wage Laws

By Katie Johnston -- June 8, 2014

Boston Globe

[...] Colleagues in Boston’s academic community say Weil is uniquely suited to his new post. He is a creative thinker attuned to innovations that can make government more effective, said Harvard Kennedy School professor Archon Fung. Weil pays attention to partnerships, for instance, in which retailers caught selling goods made under illegal working conditions agree to inspect contractors down the supply chain to make sure they are in compliance, thereby gaining favor with regulators.

Weil is also aware that as the natureof work changes, government has to change, too, said Fung, who with Weil and another Kennedy School fellow cofounded the Transparency Policy Project, which aims to improve the disclosure of health inspections, car safety, and other information that protects the public.

James Rebitzer, chair of the Markets, Public Policy, and Law Department at Boston University’s School of Management, said Weil has a knack for data, as well as a strong sense of morality. More»

Archon Fung is an affiliated faculty of the Ash Center.