> October 22, 2014
Critical Issues Confronting China

> October 24, 2014
Free Indonesian Language Classes Offered at the Ash Center

> October 28, 2014
Hong Kong Protests: Democracy in Action?

> October 30, 2014
Workshop on Immigration, Race and Ethnicity (WIRE)

Press Releases
> October 22, 2014
New Ash Center Book Examines the Potential of “PerformanceStat” to help public executives produce real results

> September 2, 2014
Harvard Professors Release Guide to Help Civic Leaders Leverage Data for Responsive Governance

> June 25, 2014
Archon Fung Named Academic Dean at Harvard Kennedy School

> June 25, 2014
New Book Maps the Changing Landscape of American Public Sector Innovation in the Twenty-First Century

Ash in the News
> October 21, 2014
Personal Democracy Plus: Civic Tech and Engagement: With Waze, Who's in the Driver's Seat?

Featuring Steve Goldsmith

> October 21, 2014
WBUR: The True Cost Of A Mother’s Death: Calculating The Toll On Children

Featuring Jeni Klugman

> October 21, 2014
The New York Times: Former Leader of Australia to Study Asia in a New Way

Featuring Kevin Rudd

> October 21, 2014
CBS News: Is the Obama agenda compatible with companies like Uber?

Featuring Steven Strauss

> October 20, 2014
Reuters: COLUMN-U.S. student loan debt is not killing homeownership

Featuring the Joint Center for Housing Studies

> October 20, 2014
The Boston Globe: Boston Fed considers ways to bridge income gaps

Featuring Robert Putnam

> October 17, 2014
The Nation: Why Hasn’t ‘Big Data’ Saved Democracy?

Written by Marshall Ganz

> October 17, 2014
Harvard Gazette: Disrupting city hall

Featuring Steve Goldsmith

> October 10, 2014
Foreign Policy: Hong Kong's Sour Deal

Featuring Ash Fellow Dalena Wright

> October 9, 2014
Indystar: Steve Goldsmith wants to reboot local government

Featuring Steve Goldsmith

> October 2, 2014
Boston Globe: Hong Kong Protests Won't Change China

Featuring Tony Saich

> October 1, 2014
Harvard Gazette: The rising in Hong Kong

Featuring Tony Saich

> September 28, 2014
Indianapolis Business Journal: State Turns to Tech for Deeper, Speedier Data Analysis

Featuring Steve Goldsmith

> September 26, 2014 The Academization of Market Basket Has Begun

Featuring Marshall Ganz

> September 23, 2014
Huff Post: Why the People's Climate March Is Significant and What Was Missing

Featuring Marshall Ganz

> September 18, 2014
PRI: ISIS? ISIL? The Islamic State? We Really Still Can't Decide?

Featuring Tarek Masoud

> September 17, 2014
Next City: Louisville Speeds Toward Super-Fast Internet

Featuring Ash Fellow Denise Linn

> September 11, 2014
FCW: Government Tech Lessons from the Far East

Featuring Steve Kelman

> August 24, 2014
The Washington Post: EEOC Report Paints an Uncle Sam all too Human

Featuring Steve Kelman

> August 21, 2014
CityLab: How to Save America's Crumbling Bridges While Congress Gets Its Funding Act Together

Featuring Steve Goldsmith

> August 21, 2014
Harvard Gazette: The Fumbles in Ferguson

Featuring Herman B. “Dutch” Leonard

> August 8, 2014
Boston Business Journal: Techies Connecting Residents with City Government

Featuring Ash Center alumni

> August 8, 2014
Irrawaddy: Burmese Among Victims of Massive Jade Scam in China

Featuring Ash Center study

> August 5, 2014
New York Times: A Start-Up Helps Towns Market Their Property

Featuring Archon Fung