> September 19, 2014
Challenges of Innovation in the Fight Against Organized Crime

> September 24, 2014
How Organizations Develop Activists: Civic Associations and Leadership in the 21st Century

Press Releases
> June 25, 2014
Archon Fung Named Academic Dean at Harvard Kennedy School

> June 25, 2014
New Book Maps the Changing Landscape of American Public Sector Innovation in the Twenty-First Century

> May 6, 2014
King County, Washington’s Healthy Incentives Earns Harvard Innovation Award

> April 23, 2014
Ash Center Launches Award to Recognize Innovation in Public Engagement in Government

> April 3, 2014
New White Paper Examines Response to Boston Marathon Bombing Events

> March 11, 2014
Ash Center Announces Appointment of Somerville, MA Mayor Joseph Curtatone as Senior Fellow

> January 23, 2014
GSA’s Earns Harvard Innovation Award

> November 26, 2013
Innovations in American Government Award Finalists Announced

> August 5, 2013
Harvard Kennedy School Awarded $8.1 Million to Research Government Accountability and Transparency in Indonesia and Tanzania

> July 2, 2013
Ash Center Launches Three-Part Paper Series on the Innovation Landscape

> June 17, 2013
Ash Center Launches Data-Smart City Solutions

Ash in the News
> August 5, 2014
New York Times: A Start-Up Helps Towns Market Their Property

Featuring Archon Fung

> July 28, 2014
IBM: A Conversation with Professor Sandford Borins

Featuring Sandford Borins

> July 24, 2014
Next City: Fastest Internet in the U.S.: Which Cities Will Win the Race?

Featuring Ash Fellow Denise Linn

> July 22, 2014
USA Today: Washington Wellness Plan Beats the Odds

Featuring Steve Goldsmith

> July 21, 2014
Government Technology: Health Data Isn’t Just for Hospitals

Featuring Steve Goldsmith

> July 16, 2014
Boston Globe: Boston Teens Take on the Budget

Featuring Hollie Russon Gilman

> June 25, 2014
Next City: Small Cities Don’t Need Google Fiber to Get Gigabit Connectivity

Featuring Ash Fellow Denise Linn

> June 25, 2014
PRI: Just what is a 'Caliphate' — and why are some Muslims keen to reestablish one?

Featuring Tarek Masoud

> June 20, 2014
Washington Post: Health Beyond Health Care

Featuring Steve Goldsmith

> June 20, 2014
Harvard Magazine: A New University for Vietnam

Featuring Ash Center Vietnam Program

> June 17, 2014
National Resource Network: The Basics of Big Data

Featuring Steve Goldsmith

> June 13, 2014
CityLab: A New Portal to Pair Eager Developers and Underused Properties

Featuring Ash Center alumni

> June 13, 2014
Federal Times: Transparency, Legitimacy and Trust

Featuring Jane Mansbridge

> June 11, 2014
CityLab: What the U.S. Can Learn From Europe's All-Out Uberwar

Featuring Daniel Harsha

> June 8, 2014
Boston Globe: BU Professor Takes on Task of Enforcing US Wage Laws

Featuring Archon Fung

> June 5, 2014
CityLab: Just a Bit of a Stretch: How Louisville Cut Garbage Collector Injuries in Half

> June 3, 2014
Next City: How to Get City Governments to Sell What They Don’t Even Know They Own

> May 19, 2014
Boston Review: Saving Privacy

Featuring Archon Fung

> May 2, 2014
Boston Business Journal: Four Cool Civic Tech Startups from Harvard

Featuring Archon Fung