Irhamni, Milda

Milda Irhamni is a Ph.D. student in applied economics at the University of Minnesota. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Indonesia and a master's degree in international and development economics from Australian National University. After finishing her master's degree, she has worked for The World Bank Jakarta Office and the International Labour Organization (ILO). She has also worked as both a lecturer and a researcher for the University of Indonesia.

In 2010, she worked as an intern at the U.S. Department of Labor researching data analysis of child labor issues. She also received Ausaid and the Fulbright Presidential Scholarship for her graduate studies.

Irhamni will be joining the HKS Indonesia Program as a 2013-2014 research fellow. Her research topic is "Mapping Social Vulnerability to Natural Disaster in Indonesia," and will focus on understanding the aspects of vulnerability that are caused by natural disasters, and in particular, the social dimensions of this vulnerability.

Milda Irhamni

Milda Irhamni, HKS Indonesia Research Fellow